In this project, we had to select an article and create a piece to represent it. I had read an article before this project about the California mission system. I wanted to speak about this issue because I am from California where we are required to learn about the mission systems. I never realized the glorified version of the California missions which I was taught. After I discovered the truth I was disgusted and felt betrayed by my education. I decided to focus my piece on this because of how nonexistent the conversation about these facts remain. I am not Native American, but I was very emotionally driven and wanted to use these feelings in my work. The image is an unfortunate form of irony, which is intended to stir feelings of discomfort for the viewer. The young girl on a stage is presenting a project that actually ruined millions of Natives lives, while her classmates laugh and mock her culture. The center piece is the mission project she is holding. I covered the project in blood to make a bold statement about how damaging it is to be teaching the history of the missions from the conquerors perspective, not the people. To date this is one of my favorite pieces.
Created in Procreate.